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Do you wish you could scale your business to 4-5 figure months? 

You do? Well you, my friend are in the right place! My name is Jessica Hamilton, your personal Brand & Business Strategist here to guide you on your journey to consistent 4-5 figure months. Now is the time to scale your business, build generational wealth and live the life you deserve!

Scallop Seashell Photographer Portfolio


My dream has always been to launch a 6-figure business but I wasn't quite sure what I wanted or needed to do to get there. So like most people, once I graduated college, I started a corporate job with the goal of reaching 6-figures and I am close to achieving that goal. However, that's still not enough. While I am great at what I do, I know there is a greater purpose to help other entrepreneurs scale their businesses so we can all achieve financial freedom!


I understand how frustrating it can be to invest your time, energy and money toward building a business that does not attract your ideal clients. Even with an MBA, I've struggled with knowing how to truly use digital marketing. I know what it's like to feel burned out, get ghosted by clients, and feel under-paid for the value I bring to my clients. That is why I now help other solopreneurs and service providers launch and scale their business to 4+ figure months using digital marketing so they can spend more time doing what they want to do. 

Scallop Seashell Photographer Portfolio
Scallop Seashell Photographer Portfolio

Scaling your business to consistent 4-5 figure months is possible. It only takes an average of $8,333 per month to reach 6-figures in your business. That's a 4-figure number.... Achieving consistent 4-5 figure months in your business is possible for me and possible for you. I packed everything that I have learned about branding and marketing into my Magnetic Marketing Mindset Method which helps solopreneurs & service providers attract consistent 4+ figure clients using digital marketing. I am on a journey to building a 6-Figure business and I am looking to take YOU with me!  If you are ready to scale your business, I'm ready to take you with me. Let's build!

Scallop Seashell Photographer Portfolio
Scallop Seashell Photographer Portfolio
Scallop Seashell Photographer Portfolio

Hey there! My name is Jessica Hamilton and I am a Brand & Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, and business enthusiast from the great state of Maryland! 

Now, most children when they are younger want to be a teacher, a doctor, or maybe even a lawyer. What did I want to be..... A business owner, more specifically a restaurant owner. So how did I go from dreaming about restaurants to helping other entrepreneurs launch and scale their businesses into money-making machines? Here's my story:


Let's start at the University of Maryland, College Park, my learning hub for 3.5 years where I obtained my B.S in Business Management. This is where my business journey began and where I received my first opportunity to become an entrepreneur. 

During my last year of undergrad, I launched my very first business selling custom desserts. This business grew from an entrepreneurship class project selling simple red velvet cupcakes to 4 years of consistent clients, even with the opportunity of creating custom wedding cakes! 


I built this business from the ground up using what I learned from my degree and gained a lot of experience along the way. Not to mention, I was doing this all from my home kitchen while working full time at my corporate job. So, why did I ultimately close my business? Passion. Just that simple. 

I was no longer passionate about baking and wanting to open a restaurant so I decided to put that business on hold while I figured out what my true passion was. You see, I knew my life had a greater purpose and I was on a journey to find it. 


While on my journey towards finding my purpose, I decided to journey back to my learning hub to obtain my Master of Business Administration (MBA). As soon as I graduated, I discovered my purpose. So I decided to launch Jess Insights to help other business owners launch and scale their businesses using magnetic branding & marketing. 

I now help solopreneurs and service providers, like yourself, build the brand and business you deserve by helping you master your mindset, messaging and marketing. I also help you build a standout brand to match. The outcome? You will be able to position yourself for consistent 4-5 figure months!

Now that I have found my purpose, I am on a journey to build a 6+ figure business, create generational wealth, and create a lasting impact in my community & beyond. And guess what? I am looking to take you with me!


No matter where you are in your journey, I am grateful that destiny has brought us together.


Thank you for traveling with me on this journey. Now, let's build!

Scallop Seashell Photographer Portfolio